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 Firing books from what he has been boldly written, challenging everyone and reveal the amazingly hidden facts documents.

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Newspaper articles of the writer armed with evidence, passes through the limits of sound and light towards the truth.

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Author always on eyes of research and looking. What international newspapers wrote about him.

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With Saddam Hussein

Reveals the big American lie of Saddam Hussein’s game and the only man who owns the real fact of Saddam.

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Is a political writer and Egyptian journalist born on the first of May 1960, a political opponent, his writings known by his bold and clash ways in various thorny issues addressed always and triggered .. released his 94 political writings, including four novels and one study literature and a poetry .. since he turned professional since 35 years, his writings sold high distribution in the Arab book market, the most important book, "Saddam was executed" in two parts .. the book and the writer has made in the Cairo international book Fair No. 39 the highest best book distributed prize among 20 million books and holds a better appreciation Arab writer .. Anis Aldeghidy where he excelled on both; the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2007, days before attending the exhibition. And Naguib Mahfouz and Haykal.. Author also achieved the Arab superiority first place in circulation for three consecutive years are: 2004, when he won first place in the list of the first ten books and bestsellers in the Arab world for his book "The Secret Life of Saddam Hussein," .. The US President Bill Clinton in second place for his book "My Life ".. and then came in third great writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal for his book " Raiding Iraq, the American Empire ". He also won the same award of first place in 2005 for his book:" bin Laden and those with him ".. He also won the same award in 2006 for book "The CIA files & Arab rulers."

Political is inseparable from the writer Anis Aldeghidy .. and always says that the writer is the conscience of the nation, the political is the actual translation of the behavior for that conscience who believes all this or denies it .. there is inseparable writer for political .. both complementary and appointed, and provide him with elixir of life.. writer and political are sides of the same coin.. and machine for the development of society and the reform of the people on the same region and then the nation and the world .. the political writer each does not belong to his homeland nor the preserve of the nation, not even the private property of himself, his family and his environment .. but the writer belongs to humanity, creativity. These are the convictions for Anis Aldeghidy and their cause .. Working is for all of humanity .. starting from their homeland and nation .. so the writer and politician does not believe in borders and divisions of geography .. so .. and specifically in the February 7, 2008 thinker, journalist and writer Anis Aldeghidy announced from channel "Dream" and "Al-Jazeera" channel "Orbit" and the channel "Shabab" and other satellite Egyptian channels, Arab and international newspapers and news agencies, announced his candidacy for the Egyptian presidential election against Hosni Mubarak or Gamal Mubarak and chose for his campaign slogan: "vote for Anis Aldeghidy who’s not the president's son" .. he was the first to announce it in Egypt at place of Hosni Mubarak .. Who dares to do so?

There is no doubt that human is his attitudes .. and writer should be the good attitude and value .. and Anis Aldeghidy the writer and human.. He is the owner of the dangerous attitudes that amaze the politicians and dazzle the reader, shocks the rulers, and confuse those who’re in power because it is difficult for them to read his thoughts or analysis of trend or extrapolate his path or touch his steps as they aim for their special interests but he aims for people’s .. they are working according to their buying and selling, but he sticks to the compromise and understanding .. so he’s always in a clash lasting with them in great rivalry along the line.. Anis Aldeghidy and those in power are always in arguments, even when gathered together (sometimes) forcibly for the necessity of the political game and the search for information.. And Aldeghidy fond of searching for the truth wherever it was, and there’s no exception from underneath his pen.. From here comes the power of his positions and surprising direction and decisions, he does not believe in the jurisprudence of political calculation and self-interest nor sacred areas .. His Holiness is only in heavenly religions and messengers and holy books .. otherwise Negotiable slicing and marring, modification, evaluation and correction and commenting.

Columnist and political writer Anis Aldeghidy .. was arrested five times preceded by one in 1986 in the Egyptian People's Assembly elections and the events of the Central Security in his village (saffron) .. while he was a student at the Higher Institute of Cinema - the output section .. where he was arrested for two weeks only .. This time does not columnist calculated because it was before stints writing in journalism as a professional .. then Anis Aldeghidy travelled to Saudi Arabia later and knew there in the name of (the repentant director) Anis Abdul Moaty .. He was arrested by Saudi authorities there for three months by order of the Egyptian authorities) He was deported from Saudi Arabia and returned to Egypt (as a detainee) in 1993 to be deported from the Suez seaport to a prison (Tura) for a period of 71 days (two months and 11 days) .. including 17 days in Lazoghli prison in the Interior Ministry building underground .. then moved to Tora prison and then appeal prison .. in 1996, the second time to be arrested was seven months in Fayoum prison and then Tora prison to stay in Tora prison hospital four months in detention and then appeal the prison also .. and the third time he is being held in 2004 for 55 days on the comeback of his book (secrets of the princesses in the Arabian Gulf) .. and the fourth time of the arrest was in November 2013 when the Field Marshal Abdel-Sisi defence and Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of the Interior arrested Anis Aldeghidy after his communication (formal) report to the Attorney General of the Egyptian against them in the events of the massacre fourth and Renaissance (Raba’ and Elnahda) were his arrest for 3 months and completed his release .. The last time the Egyptian intelligence system asked him for information about Saddam Hussein, so he refused and travelled to Saudi Arabia to do Hajj pilgrimage him and his daughter and his mother, so the Egyptian and Saudi authorities arrested him there and deported him to Burj Elarab prison for 34 days, ‘til he managed to escape with the help of a major security person, then came to Britain.

There is no doubt that searching for information and documents needs to penetrate sovereign regions for making history and fact.. But also this penetration has dangerous risks and bursting bombs, so due to this game, there’s got to be an exceptional player, great hard working and non-typical skills, and this triangle is rarely existed in one man. Anis Aldeghidy is that mission impossible man and the life changing events in the nation’s lifetime, so the writer who wants almost perfection and adores the impossible and hopes for uniqueness to penetrate this regions especially when they has that triangle, and also should have tools for searching to get out of this dirty and privacy spiders game. And the writer Anis Aldeghidy opened some relations secretly and non secretly with some of the security systems looking for the truth like Gen. Omar Soliman, the Egyptian intelligence chief, also with Mister Abu Zaid Omar Dorda. Libyan intelligence chief. Aldeghidy as well opened secret ways with the KSA, Iran and Jordan intelligence systems, then personally with the C.I.A, besides his relation with Saddam Hussein. 

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2017 Saddam Hussein leads ISIS

2017 Saddam Hussein leads ISIS

Feb 03, 2017 Anis Aldeghidy

Saddam talks about Donald Trump

Saddam talks about Donald Trump

Feb 03, 2017 Anis Aldeghidy

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